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Clutch Repair Northampton

Northampton Clutch Repair & DMF Replacements

Is your clutch slipping? Or do you think something is wrong with your car's clutch, come and see our clutch repair experts. If you ignore your clutch problems it will lead to more serious problems, such as the complete failure of the clutch and you wont be able to drive your car.

Clutch replacement & common fault repairs

We repair and replace so many clutches every month and we also see different clutch problems, common problems and driver error problems. Some of the most common problems include

  1. The most common fault is a slipping clutch this is when the clutch plate does not fully engage with the flywheel, you will see your revs rise and no power when you accelerate
  2. A grinding noise coming from your car is another common fault we see, this is most likely a faulty throwout bearing which we can replace. You may also have difficulty in shifting gears.
  3. A worn flywheel can cause chattering, knocking and light banging noises, this would need to be replaced ASAP.

If you have any of these problems with your clutch or DMF it is important to have your car checked by our mechanic as soon as possible. Prevent anymore damage and get your car down to us. Book a clutch repair appointment.

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