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Brake Repair & Replacement

Brake Repair Northampton

Brake Pad & Disc Replacements - Repairs & ABS Problems

Having problems with your brakes? Time to replace your brake pads and discs? or maybe your not sure what needs doing, you just know something isn't right with your brakes. Your brakes are the most important component on a car and if they dont work properly then it becomes a real danager and will most likely fail its MOT if not repaired.

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Brake Repair by Alderley Autos Northampton

Your brakes are a complex system with many different components, if one component fails it can dangerous and may lead to a serious accident so its important that you get your brakes checked every 25,000 miles.

Here are some of the signs that your brakes need to be checked, replaced or they need some repairs

  1. If your pedal feels spongy or goes to the floor - you have air in your brake lines, this need needs to be checked repaired
  2. You hear a squealing or grinding noise when you brake - squealing brakes are a common cause of worn pads, rust or debris are trapped, this needs to be checked and repaired or replaced
  3. Your car takes longer to stop than usual - the most common cause of this is again, air in the lines and can be another problem in its braking system

If you notice any of these signs with your brakes, get your car or van down to us to get them checked professionally. Ignoring these signs will make it more dangerous for you and others on the road.

brake repair

Brake Repair Northampton

Make sure you book an appointment with Alderley Autos to get your brakes checked, repaired or replaced if necessary. Get your brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid, brake lines and your ABS braking system checked by appointment.