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Ford Fiesta MK7 Starting Issue

Ford Fiesta MK7 Starting Issue. Earth point design

Are you having any of these problems with your Fiesta MK7?

Car wont unlock or lock on the key fob
Car wont start, engine wont even turn over.
Dashboard lights flickering "disco lights"
Intermittent electrical problems such as, car will unlock but wont start, or car will start and run perfectly, ..but wont lock.

What i will say next might sound a little cheesy...
Don't take your Fiesta to a Ford Dealer if you have any or all of the problems above!


There's a number of reason why taking your fiesta to a ford dealer is a bad idea.

but before i tell you why...

The MK7 Fiesta has a terrible (horrendous!) earth design! So bad in fact ford don't want to admit it's terrible, why? .. I'm guessing they dont want to spend out on re call costs.

Back to why you should'nt take your ford to a main dealer...

With this earthing problem and the fact that Ford don't want to admit the design is crap. instead they ingore the problem and diagnose the issue with either a ECU problem, alternator issue or battery. and could cost you thousands of pounds.

The Fix?

You could Google the problem and after searching for about 10 minutes you might of found a solution to the problem. The problem with the earth strap from the battery to the chassis. Or you might bump into a solution for the auto transmission...

You can disconnect the earth strap and bolt, and clean the paint from the suspension tower.

But this solution will only last a short time with the problem coming back.

the ford fiesta fix

Get yourself down to any auto store, halfords or a similar store and buy battery negative cable with 2 small ring type connectors at either end. The idea is to bypass the problem that only lasts a short time with a more permanent solution.