The AA Blog: BMW N57 Chain Problem -The Myth – The Truth

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Just another engine by BMW – The N57 engine

If you already know what the N57 engine is, great – If not continue reading..

The truth about the N57 engine

In this article you will know more about the N57 engine, the chain issues, the truth, the myth and the rubbish.

The BMW N57 engine

The N57 engine is an diesel engine from BMW, the engine is a straight-six cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that was produced in 2015.

Not long into 2016, quick came reports of issues with chains, just like the n47 engine.

Is the N57 engine dangerous?

In 2020 on the M6 a N57 driven police car was responding to an emergency call when suddenly the oil supply was cut and the engine burst into flames. Was this problem the N57 chain or was it the EGR valve/cooler?

The truth is the N57 wasn’t meant to be driven this way. Actually the police force have stopped using these engines for high pursuits.

So is the N57 dangerous? Absolutely not!

The N57 is supremely reliable, provided you do oil changes at 5 / 6K mile intervals.

Just make sure that your N57 engine gets its BMW recall for the replacement EGR valve/cooler.

N57 chain issues

Just like the n47, the b47 and the n20 engine, the N57 has the same chain issues. Being a big engine, the straight-six cylinder N57 gets driven hard, and just like N47 and many other BMW engines the chain will get stretched, jump a link, and the engine will fail.

BMW N57 service intervals

Do not follow BMW’s recommended service intervals.

Get your service done every 5/6/7/8k miles, doing this will ensure a healthy engine and turbo. Actually If you can, get your N57 engine serviced every 6k miles.

How much is a N57 chain replacement?

The chain on the N57 engine is at the rear, so for this job its engine out. Don’t let that put you off having it done. … …. …..

High mileage N57